Courtesy of Xeros

Dry cleaning?

Energy efficient washing machines use between 40 and 90 liters of water for each wash. Xeros only needs a cup of water.

A waterless (or nearly) washing machine has been developed by researchers at the Faculty of Design at the University of Leeds in the UK. Xeros produces 80% water, 50% energy and 50% detergent savings compared to a standard machine. Thousands of plastic granules replace the water in the drum. Acting like sponges, they absorb dirt and eliminate all types of marks at low temperatures. For a 25 kg load, Xeros requires 50 kg of polymer beads - about 1.5 million little balls! Rest assured, they are reused hundreds of times. Even better, the old ones are recycled by the company that distributes Xeros, for example to automobile manufacturers.

Needless to say, the process is more economical and gentle on clothes.

The Xeros waterless washing machine has already been sold to laundry specialists. Between March and September 2014, British professionals saved 2.5 million liters of water!

Main picture: Copyrights: Courtesy of Xeros

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