Diaries and other goodies are designer dressed in old jeans!

Recovering employees’ jackets, trousers and T-shirts, Forewear gives them a new ethical and socially responsible life in the form of diaries and smartphone covers.

The average life cycle for clothes is about three years. Only 15% are recycled, although 95% could be used again.

Of course, reusing old clothes isn’t new. From making an old T-shirt into a dust cloth, to pants used in insulation products, fabric has been picking up new habits. But in Prague (Czech Republic) the originality lies elsewhere in the shape of the Forewear project, founded with a social and sustainable goal. Its upcycling approach also involves all those concerned by the circuit that transforms old textiles into promotional products - right from the point of collection.

Creating employment opportunities for seamstresses

Diaries, brightly colored and branded with the initials a large company, covers for tablets and smartphones, and silky book covers... Under these new marketing materials - exclusively designed by Forewear - are old clothes! They are sewn in workshops that create employment opportunities for unemployed women. And the old textiles aren’t collected from just anywhere. Forewear goes to pick them up directly from the employees working in the company that has ordered the recycled marketing objects. The aim? To raise employees’ awareness of the possibilities of socially responsible and ethical consumption by helping them throw out their old clothes in a positive way.

Old fabric and valued employees

And these fabrics - once destined only to finish at the bottom of a trash can – are given a new lease of life. They become gifts for employees, suppliers, and business partners. Employees who have donated their old sweaters, jeans and shirts enjoy seeing the full cycle that has transformed their old clothes. They are also proud to be able to help reduce waste and create jobs for people needing a helping hand to get back into the workplace.

Main picture: © FOREWEAR

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