The circular economy is child’s play!

Posted on 10 October 2017.

"10% recycled + 90% upcycled = 100% fun". Clip It is a creative, educational sustainable game, which raises children’s awareness of recycling at the same time as stimulating their creativity.

The Clip It adventure began in 2014 with a sustainable development competition organized by the European Commission. Mathieu Collos and Cyril Rheims, two Montpellier architects, designed an educational ecological game with a circular economy approach. Their idea: a small colored clip that allows children to assemble used plastic caps and so build fun shapes. The first series was produced with crowd funding, and the project quickly had a small community of enthusiasts.


A small clip and a big idea: children give used plastic caps a second life as upcycled creations.

Clip It [] comes in the form of a box with around fifty clips and models to make all sorts of amazing constructions - characters, animals, plants, abstract shapes... The game provides the "key", and encourages children to collect plastic caps at home or at school.
The clips themselves are made from recycled caps, bought from the not-for-profit collection organization Bouchons d’Amour []. They are then sorted by color in a sheltered workshop before being transformed in a local plastic manufacturing plant.

Understanding the challenges for the environment

In addition to developing children’s motor skills and creativity, Clip It teaches them about environmental issues – in particular recycling and the circular economy. With Clip It, children no longer throw caps away; they collect them, carefully keep them, and hunt for the unique caps for the eyes of their phantasmagoric animals.
What better way to give value to small objects as commonplace as plastic stoppers, and make children understand one of the basic principles of the circular economy: waste is a resource. Once they no longer want to play with Clip It, the start-up encourages them to give their collection of caps and clips to Bouchons d’Amour.
Today, Clip It works with educational structures (toy libraries, schools, recreation centers, medico-educational institutes) and forges partnerships with large groups with activity spaces (service stations, stores), "wherever there are children and caps"!