Beer in circular mode

Posted on 15 December 2016.

Do you like it chilled? You’ll like it even more when it’s responsible! Discover some beer industry-related circular initiatives.

Blonde or brown, sweet or bitter, draught or bottled... whatever form it takes beer delights the palate. But making our taste buds happy doesn’t always make the planet happy!

Producing the second most consumed beverage in the world generates large quantities of waste. Firstly, it requires large quantities of water - it takes about 5 liters to produce a single liter of beer. A lot of materials are also wasted since only the sugars in the cereal (barley, oats, wheat, rye) are used in the brewing process. What is left are called "brewers’ grains" - up to 20 kilos after producing 100 liters of beer. Finally, when it’s consumed there’s still more waste - glass bottles, cans, bottle tops, etc.

Fortunately in recent years the beer industry has begun to adopt circular economy principles. An overview of the most ingenious initiatives aimed at saving resources and recovering our waste.

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