Daan Roosegarde: for a sustainable and poetic design

Posted on 17 March 2014.

“In a world where the old energy, economic and emotional systems are collapsing, we need to find a way of combining dreams and pragmatism.”

At just 35 years old, Daan Roosegaarde’s unique take on the world has propelled him to become an international figure in contemporary design. Yet he admits to being less interested in design itself than in innovations that aim to make sustainable development more communicative and interactive. As a result, he tends to define himself more as a combined artist and innovator.

Using technology to create poetry and vice versa

Making sustainable development more communicative and interactive.

Architecture, fashion, urban infrastructure... Roosegaarde’s work touches on just about every topic. His approach is neatly summed up in a word he coined himself: “techno-poetry.” In his Smart Highway project, the road markings light up your path and glow in the dark to reveal patches of black ice. Not only that, electric cars can recharge while driving in special lanes.

An interview on CNN with designer Daan Roosegarde on his Smart Highway project, which earned him a Dutch Design Award in 2012.

With his Vacuum Cleaner, a cloud of pollution can be peppered with holes of breathable air like a Swiss cheese, using electrostatic electricity.

© Studio Roosegaarde 2013 - The designer had the idea of creating the Vacuum Cleaner in response to the permanent cloud of smog in Beijing. By using electrostatic electricity to pull some of the grey cloud to ground level, Roosegaarde hopes to reduce it

Roosegaarde, who has won several design prizes and is regularly invited to exhibit his work at world-renowned museums, runs the studios that bear his name in the Netherlands and Shanghai. And to top it all off, he is reputed to have a great sense of humor.

Find out more at Studio Roosegaarde’s official site.