WARN is ready to do battle for the climate

Posted on 03 March 2015.

France is hosting the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in December and a youth movement, WARN, has already gone into battle against global warming.

In 2009, at COP15 in Copenhagen, 195 countries met to reach international agreement to keep global warming below 2°C. Given the relative failure of the negotiations, participants agreed to set a new agreement deadline - the 2015 summit (COP21), which will be hosted in Paris. The COP20 in Lima (Peru) has laid the foundations for the agreement with 37 pages of discussions that are being summarized and polished up at the Geneva meeting that is taking place right now. "We have to decide what to leave for the Paris agreement," says Laurence Tubiana, in charge of climate talks for the French government. The meeting in Switzerland aims to prepare the 21st Conference of the Parties taking place this year in December in Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis). Pending the agreement of world leaders, some associations are already very active behind the scenes - including WARN (We are Ready Now!). Created by five associations, this youth movement is focusing on encouraging and enabling people to "become agents of change in relation to both the climate challenge and the limits of the world’s current economic model."

A message from the bottom up

The movement is starting from the bottom up by relying on young people (there are 1.8 billion 10-24 year olds worldwide) to spread the message to all generations in order to mobilize as many positive forces as possible. This ecological network began to educate key decision makers in the international youth climate movement at the UN climate talks, otherwise known as YOUNGO – which has been in place since COP5. By trying to boost the positive and local solutions that have already been initiated WARN hopes to leave the metaphors behind and issue the specific message that ecology affects every aspect of daily life - work, housing, transportation.

A concrete stance

On the ground, this mindset is reflected in particular by a partnership with La REcyclerie, which opened in June with support from Veolia. As its name suggests, it makes something new out of something old. Formerly a station on the Paris inner suburban rail system, this bar-restaurant near Porte de Clignancourt is also a place where associations can meet up. For an annual subscription of just 20 euros, association members can borrow tools, learn DIY, how to sew or make their own cleaning products – and at the same time become part of a community. The watchword here is "Do It Yourself". True to this ideal COP21 has already begun behind the scenes - and by the end of the year the countries will have to reach agreement – or postpone saving the planet indefinitely...

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