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Welcome to Vietnam's first container hotel!

Posted on 21 March 2017.

The CCasa Hostel in the seaside resort of Nha Trang was built from old shipping containers – but offers all the comfort of a hotel!

In Vietnam, Tak Architects has designed a new kind of hotel - built from recycled shipping containers.

A new kind of hotel opened late 2016 in Vietnam, in the seaside resort of Nha Trang, three minutes from the beach, 3 km from the city center and only 30 km from Ranh Cam International Airport. More than a just a hotel, the CCASA has been designed and built from recycled shipping containers. The result is a unique back-to-basics hostel, whose thumbprint is recycling. And it’s a first in Vietnam.

Its philosophy? Create the feel of a large family home, in the tradition of a typical Vietnamese courtyard house, but built using recycled and upcycled materials.

The hotel offers plenty of shared spaces, such as the Corten steel roof terrace with large hammocks, games room, living, and kitchen areas. The sleeping area has been made from old shipping containers painted in three colors depending on the type of room: private or not, mixed or women only.

The area is framed by passageways and metal bridge covered with vegetation, which provides natural ventilation in a very wet and warm part of the world. It gives protection from direct sunlight and creates a natural cooling effect.

In the spirit of traditional Vietnamese houses, Tak Architects added cement tiles to the rooms and created a screen with flat woven baskets. The design of the CCasa Hostel is based on upcycling principles: recycled furniture, cardboard furniture, natural and eco-designed materials, recycled wood and steel structure, recycled windows with a twist.

The project also takes an eco-tourism approach and offers very attractive prices (about 28 euros for the family room).

In France too

In France, too, the idea of container-houses has been spreading in recent years. Several companies already offer individual container homes - a both economical and ecological solution.


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