“La REcyclerie” en route to COP21

Posted on 03 March 2015.

The Conference of the Parties (COP20) - the international climate change conference - came to an end on December 14 in Lima. What can we expect from the 21st conference in Paris in December 2015?

This now crucial annual conference was initiated by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The goal? To meet the challenges of climate change. Everyone agrees that countries all around the world have to reduce their CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, develop management strategies, and above all, cooperate globally. A mammoth task? No doubt. But one that requires serious investment – from us all.

Great expectations

After an eventful COP20 (including a 30 hour extension before unanimity was achieved) the COP21, to be held from November 30 to December 14, 2015 in Paris, is already in preparation, bringing more and more participants together to focus on one goal: keeping the global temperature increase below 2°C.
At a time when there is virtually unanimous agreement about causes and solutions, when politicians all around the world are working hard to produce an ambitious agreement, it is essential that civil society be informed - and also work hard at its level. That's why Veolia in particular supports the "Destination COP21" climate event in 2015 organized by “La REcyclerie”. This Parisian “third place” eco-responsible community has mobilized alongside Veolia, its founding partner, and WARN (We Are Ready Now), a group of student associations working on raising awareness about environmental issues. Throughout the coming months there will be meetings, conferences, debates and information campaigns. Because everyone, everywhere – from the highest global authorities to neighborhood residents, in the northern and southern hemispheres - has to come together and create a positive environmental momentum.

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