Drip-irrigation bags water city trees more efficiently in the Czech Republic

Posted on 15 July 2020.

In the Czech Republic, Veolia has supplied more than 300 drip-irrigation bags to cities to help their trees withstand drough

A few months ago, strange green bags started appearing at the foot of the trees in some cities of Czech Republic.
Supplied by Veolia, these bags use "drip" irrigation - an innovative technique that has proven its worth in many agricultural areas around the world – to save trees in drought conditions.
One bag contains about 65 liters of water and lasts several hours, slowly dripping out at the base of the tree. It is especially useful for young trees whose roots have not yet reached the deeper ground water.

The main advantage is that water use is reduced to a minimum through an accurate and localized - and therefore more efficient – watering system that reduces evaporation losses.
It also facilitates the work of the people responsible for green space maintenance and arboriculture who have hundreds of trees to water every week.

Improving the vegetation in the city

The drip-irrigation bags is Veolia’s way of helping in the Czech municipalities’ desire to improve the health of their trees and thus the amount of vegetation in urban areas. With the added advantage of combatting climate change.

In addition to being decorative, trees perform a number of ecological services and fulfill essential social, recreational and educational functions. For example, they improve air quality, act as carbon sinks, potentially improve biodiversity, and increase people’s sense of wellbeing.
Recognized (in France, for example) as a public good, city trees have become an essential part of urban planning. Which is why they should be protected through efficient, water-saving watering systems.