© nextoffice, Parham Taghioff

Directly under the sun!

Posted on 11 December 2014.

Nextoffice architects in Tehran have designed Sharifi-Ha House, whose rooms follow the path of the sun and re-organize themselves depending on the season and your desires.

Far away in the northern district of the Iranian capital, Sharifi-Ha House looks like a XXL toy. This proof of peerless local creativity impresses passers-by. And with good reason. With modular swiveling floors, you just have to press a button to make a room rotate by up to 90 degrees. Pure eccentricity? No, it’s far more interesting than that.

Motorized – it swivels!

Because Tehran is miles from the sea, it doesn’t enjoy the moderating influence of the oceans. In other words, in the summer temperatures easily reach the high thirties, while in winter they drop well below zero. Alireza Taghaboni, an award-winning Iranian architect and founder of Nextoffice, designed Sharifi-Ha House to more efficiently adapt to these extremes. Inspired by traditional Iranian architecture, it aims to bring a maximum amount of sunshine inside. Watch this:

The architects’ little roundabout

Imagine all the possible applications of this architectural innovation... You could be south-facing although your apartment is north facing, for example making it possible to use solar energy more often and for longer periods of time. You could also more easily grow purifying plants that can’t live without the sun, and manage temperature fluctuations... A sudden cold snap? Press the button, the room closes in on itself and there is no need to turn on the heating... a "green" roundabout.

Main picture: © nextoffice, Parham Taghioff