COP21 meetings at la REcyclerie

Posted on 20 April 2015.

Find out everything you need about the Biodiversity MOOC at la REcyclerie, on 22nd April.

For those who wish to learn more about biodiversity and its stakes, you will be able to get an exclusive preview of the MOOC that will cover biodiversity, in terms of human and territorial development (culture, health, city, agriculture, etc).

Produced by UVED, (environment and sustainability virtual university), and led by Gilles Boeuf, president of the national natural history museum et lecturer at the Collège de France, that MOOC will bring you references on the subject, while demonstrating that preserving ecological dynamics is everybody’s concern.

Subscriptions for the first session of the MOOC, which will start on 4th May 2015, are currently open on the FUN-MOOC platform.

In the meantime, let’s meet at la REcyclerie on 22nd April, with Vincent Sennès. Project officer for MOOC, he will be there to answer all your questions: why a MOOC on biodiversity? How does it work? Who is it for?...

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