Coming soon to Paris, a temple of "zero waste"

Posted on 16 December 2016.

The Maison du Zéro Déchets will open its doors in Paris in 2017 - the initiative of the Zero Waste France association. It will be the first place in France devoted entirely to zero-waste. A short guided tour before it opens.

Welcome to the (future) Maison du Zéro Waste. The building in Paris, the exact address of which is not yet known, will be divided into several large spaces, on three levels. A shop on the ground floor will bring together the essentials of zero waste in one place: everything from bulk bags to cosmetic and care products, through washable diapers and reusable cottons.

In this shop, the first "deposit point" in Paris will offer products sold by local producers in packaging that can be returned. For example Jean Bouteille for oils, juices and wines in returnable bottles. A concept store designed to facilitate the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, the Maison de Zéro Waste shop will also be a demonstration and discovery area, allowing people with a new project to test their products in real-life situations.

Upstairs, a large room will host workshops open to the public where people can acquire new knowledge or rediscover forgotten skills: composting, sewing, making cosmetics and cleaning products, repairing electronic devices, etc. Zero Waste France, the association behind the Maison, will also organize training courses, meetings, lectures, screenings and discussions.

Spreading the Zero Waste cause

You’ve got it! The Maison du Zéro Waste will be a temple to a zero-waste lifestyle. A movement that brings together hundreds of organizations around the world and draws on the mobilization of thousands of people, citizens and associations, entrepreneurs, communities and political decision-makers all ready to commit themselves to a zero waste, zero wastage society.

For 20 years, the Cniid, which became Zero Waste France in 2014, has been working in collaboration with all the stakeholders to find and make solutions visible in France. This summer, the association whosted 5,000 people at its first Zero Waste Festival – testimony to the growing public interest in waste issues. To further increase awareness Zero Waste France decided to set up the Maison du Zéro Waste, a permanent sociable meeting place.

The association launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform, successfully meeting its target in November 2016 with more than 800 contributors. The initiative is similar to that of La REcyclerie, another place that promotes the circular economy and solidarity, which also raised funds – this time through KissKissBankBank.