Paris & Co

A circular economy incubator in Paris

Posted on 04 October 2017.

On June 12, 2017, nineteen start-ups joined the very first circular economy incubator launched by Paris’ innovation agency, Paris&Co.

Everyone has heard of Paris the city of light, but what about Paris the circular city? Paris & Co – Paris’ economic development and innovation agency - launched the first French incubator for start-ups with circular economy projects.
Until now the 300 start-ups accompanied by Paris & Co were divided into 10 innovation platforms dedicated to issues such as culture, health, sports and tourism. In 2016, Paris&Co created a "sustainable city" platform with the idea of nurturing sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s city. It initially had two programs: "tomorrow’s real estate" - developing new construction solutions - and "rolling lab", specializing in mobility and logistics. In early 2017, the cluster was enriched with a third program dedicated to the circular economy and focusing on the emergence of new sustainable production and consumption models.

Nineteen start-ups selected

 A call for projects was launched in 2016 on themes reflecting the strategic circular economy challenges faced by the City of Paris and four major companies: Citéo, E. Leclerc, Veolia and Vicat. 19 of the 56 candidates were selected. Their names were revealed on June 12, 2017.
The selected start-ups are housed in the huge 25,000 m2 incubator and can choose between two types of support programs depending on their stage of development: seed-stage or business acceleration. They also benefit from the incubator's various services: mentoring, themed workshops, pitch sessions, etc.
On the basis of the open innovation principle the start-ups are in direct contact with the city and major groups. They can therefore access their expertise, but also gain an understanding of their challenges and problems - and so provide answers. For example, Aeromate develops urban agriculture on the roofs of Paris, PickmyWastes creates links between companies to make the waste produced by one into a resources for others, and Yoyo is aiming to double the recycling rate for plastic through an amusing collaborative platform.


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