About #LivingCircular

Welcome to #LivingCircular, an online resource designed by Veolia to provide inspiration and to share ideas on sustainable models for future growth.

Today we face a different world than our parents and grandparents. Our world is challenged by resource shortages and the adverse effects of climate change. These new realities place stress on the traditional models of production and consumption. How we deal with these realities is in our hands. We can assume there is nothing to be done, or we can take a stand and pursue initiatives to build a better future, one that’s designed with these circumstances in mind.

At Veolia, we believe in progress. We believe in the ingenuity of individuals, entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators and in their ability to shape a form of development that is more mindful of our resources.

Many pioneers have already found creative, forward-looking solutions to move toward an economy in which everything is recovered, recycled and reused – a circular economy. Some initiatives also come from our experiences at Veolia, working alongside our city and business partners. By promoting all these promising ideas and innovations on #LivingCircular, we hope to be a catalyst for future progress, one that helps create a virtuous circle that inspires other entrepreneurs, inventors and communities to develop and adopt new models.

We’ve designed this platform to fuel further discussion across social media and elsewhere, and we look forward to catalyzing change with you.